'I think we should learn Spanish!'

We headed out on this hot sunny summers day to offer prayer for people going about their day. Asking people what they would like pray for if they wanted it and for them to know Jesus.
First of all we were walking up to the station and on Winstanley Road we met a lady from Colombia. After speaking too quickly we realised she didn’t understand English so we slowed down, threw in some Spanish words mixed with Latin as well. She then did understand mostly what we were saying and so we prayed a prayer of blessing over her. She was a believer and asked about the church so we invited her and said she is always welcome.
We then met two work men sitting under a tree, and we had a really positive encounter with them. We explained who we were and offered to pray for them and they were open to this. They looked like father and son and said everyone said this! They were working on a building locally so we prayed for the first man and asked the Holy Spirit to come. He said that he his skin tingled and he felt the Holy Spirit touch him. He said it reminded him that there were times in his life when he has felt Gods hand on his back or a hand on his back protecting him - when something has fallen on a building site and just missed him. So he said he was reminded of this during being prayed for. They really had a bed rock faith they talked about the first church in Syria that is under threat but that is still standing. As I was praying you could really see the other man was listening, we prayed for him next, his English was not so good. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to touch him inside and to reveal his love for them and to guide them that they would be able to trust him. They seemed really touched and blessed. They were warm, salt of the earth kind of skilled labourers. We also got to pray for healing in his neck from cramps that he gets.
We started by calling the council to report a burst pipe! We met one man and offered prayer which he kindly declined. We then walked through the estate and met an L&G worker who was laughing as we approached. We then realised he was on the phone to a friend and was very friendly to us. He has met some people from St. Peter’s before out praying. He was a very joyful man and he asked for prayer for health, long life and wealth. We had a good laugh and chat and got to pray for him and his friend who was still on the phone listening. We then met a lady from our church family and got to pray for her day with a meeting happening and current things in her life. It was lovely to be able to see her at the beginning of her day and start it with prayer and thanks. We then met another L&G worker cleaning the streets who didn’t speak much English (Spanish speaker) but we managed to communicate enough. We found out he was Catholic and he said he was quite busy but next time when he is less busy we can pray. As we were walking back we prayed for the estate and the buildings, the people effected by the fire recently and for protection over everyone.