A safe church for all

At St Peter’s we take our responsibility for safeguarding each other’s safety seriously. We want to show God’s love and care to all, create a safe environment to meet, and respond well to any particular situations of need or vulnerability. We encourage our volunteers to have an up-to-date DBS and appropriate training.

Our parish safeguarding officers (PSOs) are Ken Checinski, Verah Gondwe and Peter Wolstenholme, who are the first people to contact if you have any concerns about your own or someone else’s welfare, would like some safeguarding training, or have a question about DBS forms. They can be contacted by email (pso @ spb. church) or through the church office (020 7738 9943). Patrick, our vicar, and Kaf, our curate, are also always available to discuss any matter regarding safeguarding.

We work closely with Southwark Diocese’s Safeguarding Officers, and use their policy document A Safe Church. For urgent safeguarding advice you can always phone the Diocesan Safeguarding Team on 07982 279713.