Litter picking and prayers

Today we decided to bless the community by litter picking and praying for people we encountered along the way.

So we set off and came across a lady who knew the church as her daughter was involved and she knew it from a few years ago. She was very positive about the fact that we were litter picking and was very happy that we were doing something good for the community. We offered her prayer and after a little confusion she said yes so we blessed her and prayed that she would get to know Jesus. She was very happy to meet us and we all left feeling slightly more elated at the brief but smiley encounter. We carried on walking and collecting litter around the estate. We were keeping an eye out for an L & G worker we knew who was looking a little down earlier in the morning but didn’t see him so we prayed for him. We then met a lady in York gardens who was open to be prayed for. She was on her way to a graduation event so we prayed that she would have a day of celebration and know the presence of God close to her. She seemed very grateful and blessed and gave us all a big hug after.