'That meant the world'

This morning we went out in two groups, one to the new church building site and one to the river to offer prayer for people we encountered. 
We went to the building site this week. The first guy we met after offering prayer responded, ‘You’ve already done me twice!’ but he was still open for more prayer. We prayed for peace over him and his family, for his son who has an operation soon. We felt the Lord saying that he was a joyful and happy man, and not to withhold that. He responded saying people say he is a moaner, which was surprising and so we recognised that he was actually naturally in spirit a joyful man, so we declared that over him! We then came across two Muslim men who were giggling a bit as we prayed for them because we asked them to open their hands out and they said they’ve never done that before, we asked for Jesus to reveal himself to them in their dreams, and that was the first time anyone had prayed for them. We prayed for another man who believed in God but not of one faith so we prayed for him. 
We prayed for a carpet layer and spoke encouragements to him in prayer over his work and enthusiastic attitude and then we prayed for two men who are involved in the electronics which also ended in laughter as we said to one that was a bit awkward for you but your friend was more open! So it was a gentle prayer and we affirmed them in their good work. 
We walked through York Gardens where there were a few people sitting on their own. We went to talk to one lady who didn’t speak much English and was a bit uncomfortable so we prayed for her as we walked away. The next lady we spoke to was Spanish who said she likes to pray more privately so we prayed for her as we continued walking. We then walked down the river and met a lady who was on her way to work and is also writing a book. We prayed for her creativity, the on goings of her book and the success of it. She was really touched and said that is was really touching that we stopped her to pray. We then spoke to a woman who was quite surprised to be stopped and who was interested in more love in the world and quite open spiritually. So we prayed blessings for her and for the world. We got a word that she was creative person but perhaps doesn’t get to express it much and affirmed that God loved her creativity and that he has placed that in her. She responded by saying that meant the world to her.