'That was better than a cup of tea!'

This morning we went out with the intention of praying in the spirit and waiting on the lord to guide us who specifically to talk to, even if we spoke to less people. It was a real time of quality conversations over quantity.
We went out walking where we felt the Spirit was leading us. I saw this guy pulling up this pipe and had this sense that it was quite stressful and maybe we should pray for it, so I went up to him and I said is there something quite stressful at the moment and he said no its all fine! So we left him, carried on praying and came across three guys who were on their break. As we were chatting they were larking about a bit about the fact they had biblical names and said can we not take them to a café for breakfast! When we mentioned a bible verse they finished the verse for us! So we prayed for them each and afterwards one said, ‘that was better than a cup of tea!’
So we felt we should go back to the playground and wait for somebody but as we got there, we saw a woman sitting on the curb side. So we went up to her and said that we’re from the church is there anything we can pray for. She said, yes please pray for me and she shared some problems in her life going on so we sat down next to her and prayed for her. And that felt really significant, just being able to encourage her that the lord loved her and various encouraging things. And it just felt very significant and really well received.
We went up to one lady who looked stressed and she sped on by as we asked her if she was ok, and she hurried onto work which was ok.
We then met a lady by the river, and it ended up being the most amazing encounter.  We asked if she had a pain and she didn’t but when we asked if we could pray for her, she almost started crying. She had a faith in the lord and said she would love prayer. She had a lot of decisions to make currently, had just started a new job. She said if I had left home a minute later she’d have missed us, she had a short time before a meeting so thought to come out to the river for a moment and then met us. She was so thankful and we all really felt God’s timing is amazing. She was so touched and we felt we were definitely put there to talk to her, encourage and bless her. She was totally blessed and we were equally totally blessed by the encounter. We were reminded about a couple of weeks ago when we were out to pray for businesses and we walked through the area of those businesses where she now works. It was a good reminder than prayer is powerful, and far more is happening than we realise.