Let yourself be redirected

StreetSeed stories from this week. A few of us headed out to offer prayer to people. 


This morning we went out and bumped into a lady with her daughter who kindly declined prayer. Walking through the park we met a lovely man and his dog. We asked him if he wanted prayer and he said for happiness and so we prayed for him and his dog. It felt like a nice connection and right for the time. It was a great encounter and it showed us God’s sense of vulnerability as he directed one of us back towards him. 

We then met a nurse waiting at a bus stop who was open to prayer and asked for prayer for her son. We had a prayer time praying for her work, day and her son, for protection for him. She said as we left that we had made her day. 

We met another lady who was just a few minutes from needing to be at work and although she said she wasn’t a believer she let us pray for her as she went.