'Yes, whack it on me!'

A group of us headed out into the community once again to connect with those we met with prayer. Here's a snapshot:

We went towards the Square on the estate and had a chat with some council employees who were open to prayer and asked for help with their work. After a couple of 'NOs' we stopped a guy who was walking really fast. We gave a super quick offer as he sped along and to our surprise he said 'Yes, whack it on me!' and then he gave me a fist pump and hurried to his meeting. We were left speechless... 

We prayed for quite a few people this morning. We prayed for one person to find a job and then a couple of ladies waiting at bus stops who wanted prayers of blessing. We then came across an elderly gentleman who was partially sited and was really pleased to speak with us. He wanted prayer for his eyes as his sight was degenerating and said he felt a real peace afterwards. We connected deeply with him and he wanted to find out where we meet on Sundays as he wants to come along.