Spring is in the...prayer

Spring was in the air as we headed out for a sunny morning of praying for our community. Here's the low down:

After a number of people who didn't want prayer initially, we got talking to a lady who wanted prayer for her leg. At the beginning, she seemed a bit weary but then was very cheery at the end! We then met a lady who we'd seen out and about before walking her dog. We chatted and she said she wanted prayer for her mum and her dog. It was nice to build more of a connection.

We also had a number of people who were in rush but managed to pray for a man working on a building site who wanted prayer for his sick mother in law. He was really thankful. We then approached a man who was a Muslim but who had a Christian wife. He was open to prayer and we offered a word of knowledge to him and he was really touched and welled up. And then we managed to pray for another woman who seemed very burdened. We prayed for peace upon her and was very thankful. She seemed surprised about how simple and easy it was.

There was someone we'd met on the streets a long time ago and we'd not seen for a while so we knocked on his door and his daughter answered and she was really grateful we were looking out for him. We had a really great connection and she was open to receiving prayer and seemed visibly touched. We then offered prayer for a few other people who didn't want any prayer and then tried taking a risk and offering a word of knowledge that didn't connect with them but they seemed unperturbed. We asked one couple if they wanted prayer and they said 'we don't have any money' so it took a while to tell them we weren't charging for prayer! Finally we met a lady who was very open and shared that it was actually her brother's funeral that day but she had been unable to make it due to health reasons. We had a very profound moment of prayer on the street and it was special to be able to minister to her in her sadness. She also let us pray for her leg that had been fractured. It was a beautiful encounter.