Searching for 'treasure'

We spent a bit of time in listening prayer before we went out this morning to see if there were specific people or places God wanted us to pray for. So we headed out on the lookout for what we'd sensed in prayer. Here's a summary of what happened:

Before we went out we got a picture of someone in a red or pink coat, and then someone in a brown hat and a scarf with a bit of yellow. With that in mind after we'd prayed for someone a lady with a pink coat walked past us so we darted after her. She was a Christian and she asked for prayer for favour and being able to know Jesus more. She was really encouraged that she was the one God had put on her heart for us to pray for. She said it was an amazing way to start her day.

And just as we were finishing that prayer we saw someone in a red coat walking the other way so we ran after him. We joined him and asked if he wanted prayer and he said 'no thank you, wrong Parish!'. Clearly the Lord had it in mind because when we looked up we saw someone with a brown/black hat standing outside the barbers. He was on the phone but we apologetically interrupted his phone call, but he was fine with it. His partner was about to give birth in a month and it was an amazing time sharing with him and encouraging him and we've got an ongoing connection with him.  It was a significant encounter.  


We had a sense to go to the libary but when we got there it was all cordoned off. We offered prayer to a lady close by and she said it wasn't 'her bag'. So we went towards the square. One of us had a green cardigan and we saw a chap with a green jumper and ended up talking to him for ages. We prayed for him a couple of times, including for a migraine. He knew the area well and had a very colourful past! Really amazing encounter.