"Please could I have another prayer"

With Spring peeking through the clouds, we heads out once again to see what God was up to on the streets around St Peter's. Here's some of the stories:


We went towards the station but only got as far as the square by the wine shop and came across a man in a high vis jacket doing some surveying work.  We asked if we could pray for him and he was really happy we'd asked and turned out to be a Christian. He said he had some pain in his head and leg and we also shared some senses we'd had about him being a light wherever he went. Just as we were about to go on our way he said, 'please could I have another prayer if you have time'. He said he really wanted to know God more intimately and receive God's spirit. We encouraged him and prayed for God to fill him. We were with him for the rest of our time just being with Him as he encountered God deeply. It was very special. One of us had a peaceful heat inside our chests while we were praying for him, but it was very cold outside to our hands were freezing, so it was a strange temperature differential! 

We headed out to the park and had three great encounters with people. Firstly we met a lady in the park with a big dog and wanted prayer. We prayed that God would reveal himself to her. We met another man with a dog (smaller) who was really open to prayer and was really touched. 'Oh yes please' was his response to our offer. 'yeh nice one would you do that?'. He had some struggles that he shared and then we met a final lady who was a Christian who was taking her son to the clinic and said she was struggling with anxiety and tiredness so we prayed for her and invited her to one of our women's groups.