"You've made my day!"

Another week heading out for StreetSeed on Wednesday morning. Here's a few stories:


First of all we met a lady who was a believer and very lovely, huggy and smiley and happy to be prayed for! Then we prayed for a lady's daughter who had financial difficulties and then a gentleman's mother had cancer and wanted prayer for her. We also had a sense from God for him about a meeting he was going to and God would give him the right strategy. He looked at us with bulged eyes and he said 'you've made my day!' It was great to be able to speak with someone who looked very professional and on their way to somewhere with purpose. And he was totally up for it!


Going out this morning we felt there was a bit of a brick wall while we were out praying as lots of people we offered prayer to said no or were too busy to stop. Having said that we had a nice conversation with a chap outside the doctors and we prayed for his knee that was in pain. He said it felt a little better. He seemed more interested in God telling him the Thunderball lottery numbers though! And we then were able to pray for a local maintenance guy and finally a builder, who wasn't so sure about prayer but we offered a quick one for healing of his back that he'd said was in pain