A smiley morning

The wind nearly blew us off course this morning but we persevered with Street Seed, knowing we've had good times in the pouring rain before, whats a bit of wind!?  Turns out talking to people who don't speak much English in the wind is quite hard, but we had a really great morning chatting to lots of people who were really open, smiley and chatty.

We were surprised when approaching an apparent 'hard nut to crack' to find him a really warm and friendly Christian living nearby.  Another lady got approached twice but the second time was more interested in what we were doing but not open to prayer.  "It's very good of you to do this". 

We prayed for a guy who wanted to be more valued in his job and we met one of the woman who works at the library. Little chefs was promoted widely among some of the mums we stopped and one of us prayed for a dog for the first time when we met a guy with an Alsatian who had a bad leg.  He described himself as a follower of Christ so it was great to be able to pray for him. 

We also prayed for one of the owners of AJ's shop, holding his hand over the counter before buying some chocolate!