Taking a risk for us

A bitingly cold morning to hit the streets, but hit them we did, and here's a few stories...


We prayed with a lady with a beautiful dog in the park and was really open and appreciative. That was a positive encounter which finished with her hugging us. Soon after that we briefly prayed for a man who had a Catholic background. He was quite surprised to be prayed for!


There was a lady on the way to the doctors who asked us to pray for her and then we bumped into a couple we knew which was nice. There was a really nice older lady with four sons and one had recently had an operation and she was really appreciative of prayer.  Some of us today felt a little bit intimidated by approaching more professional looking British men, so we decided to offer prayer to some to get over that! And it was great. We spoke to a man who'd just come off a night shift and was up for prayer for his sleep. We then had a sense he was a good Father and he said he became a dad 5 months ago and seemed encouraged by that, although a bit bleary-eyed!

Finally, there was a guy I chatted with who I'd seen around a lot but never spoke to. He seemed quite intimidating but I went and said hello and turned out to be super friendly and we had a really good chat. He couldn't think of anything he wanted prayer for, but was really open.