Building relationships

Thankfully the rain held off until after we'd been out into the community to pray on Wednesday morning. Here are a few stories from our time out...


We had a nice chat with a man and his son from Yorkshire who were playing Pokémon Go in York Gardens, though they said ‘no thank you’ to prayer. Then we bumped into a woman we know from events like GLB who had just been to the doctors with an ongoing stomach problem. She was up for us praying for her, which was great as it felt like something that has become normal for us was something that could now be normal for her too.

We chatted to one of the guys we see regularly in York Gardens and prayed for him, and then met a young guy whose family go to church and we prayed a blessing over his day. After that we met a woman who we’d met once before and although she hadn’t wanted prayer that time, this time she was open to us praying for her and her kids. Finally we talked to one of the women who works for L&G, who was super receptive to prayer, so that felt very easy.


We went to Haven Lodge to drop off some flyers for Living Life and talked to the lady on reception there. We then went to Falcon Road and had quite a lot of no’s from different people, but then met a woman outside Providence who seemed very surprised but also touched to be asked if we could pray for her, so we prayed for her family.

Then we bumped into another older lady who said we’d prayed for her before. She didn’t want prayer this time, but said she’d think about coming to Living Life. Finally we met this girl who we were nervous to approach as she looked quite scary, but she was actually really open. She’d just moved here from Turkey yesterday to study, and was really up for being prayed for for her first year at Uni.