"It's completely gone!"

Another week out in the community offering prayer to those we meet. Here's how it went:


We had a full morning and got to pray for lots of people out in the community. In particular, it was great to pray for joy and happiness for a group of men hanging in the park. 

We also saw two ladies who looked like they were off to work and then one of them introduced us to their sister who was just nearby. One lady had said no to the offer of prayer initially but then when we asked if anyone had any pain she said she had a headache and let us pray for her. She was really touched and seemed to think it was feeling better. Then a moment later as we'd walked away she turned round and shouted 'It's completely gone, it really has!' which was super encouraging. 

We got to pray for another gentleman who had a bad knee and said he felt it was healed. Then there was another lady who we'd seen earlier when she was walking the other way and had declined prayer. But we offered again when she came back and were able to pray for her leg. It didn't get better immediately but she was really touched and asked about how she could join us in the week. So God was doing something in her!


We had a lot of friendly people saying they didn't want prayer. And then two different people were really up for prayer. One was a lady with not much English. She kept asking "where do you want to pray for me?" and we kept saying "Here", "here", "like right here now" as praying out in the park was unusual for her (as it is to many at first) and we were able to bless her day.  

The second lady also was blessed and both felt like quite low key encounters in some ways. As I was praying it can sometimes feel intense but this morning I didn't feel any pressure and it felt the right dynamic between me and God (possibly because I was more tired today), but it was good to remember that it's God who does the stuff.