Just the two of us...

Today was just two of us out and about, it was a seriously quiet day out there, too damp to sit on a bench and wait for prayer for most people. 

"We did meet a man who had burnt his foot with a pan of water and were able to offer to pray for him.  Another lady walking her dog told us her brother used to be church warden at St Peter's and her sister the Sunday school teacher so we told her about the new building and invited her to visit soon. She was also concerned about all that's happening in the world and for the safety of her family so we prayed for her.   Another man was pleased for a blessing on his day and we had some other friendly chats with people on the way." 

On Thursday there were also only two of us so we went out again, we just can't get enough!

"We met a guy outside Louie's shop who we hadn't met before and got chatting about his assisted powered bike! Had a good chat about health, carpentry, change and the state of the World today.  He was happy for us to pray for him and said "that was nice" afterwards despite being resistant to start with. 

Another lady asked us to pray for her teenage daughter as she becomes independent. 

We were also able to pray for a vulnerable adult we're getting to know, give him some practical help and praying for healing. 

Nicely topped off by a quick visit to the regeneration office for a quick chat about some advent plans brewing."