Last time going out in 2017

For the final StreetSeed of 2017 just two of us went out, but we had an extraordinary time praying for folks in our community...

Almost as soon as we headed out a man caught our eye across the street and asked if he wanted prayer. He was really happy to meet us and asked for prayer for his family and strength for each day. We chatted for a bit and he lived really locally and had faith. He wasn't plugged into a worshipping community so were able to encourage him in that.

While we were chatting to this man a Syrian gentlemen who one of us had prayed for before approached us and asked for prayer for his daughter who was giving birth in a few days. It's always great when someone comes up to you asking for prayer!

We then spoke to a man outside the doctor's surgery from Moscow who wanted us to pray for his mum who had cancer and then we finally had an amazing time of conversation and prayer with a man who was going to share a message at his sister's funeral in a couple of days time. He hadn't been a believer but his sister who died was, and as a result of everything that had happened had found faith. He couldn't believe that we had approached him outside the station, just at the time he was seeking God for guidance about what to say. We prayed for him and we weren't sure who was more blessed by the encounter!