2018 here we come....

After a time of refreshing over the Christmas season we went out this morning with renewed energy and faith. Here's some highlights. 


For the first time out we had a very smiley morning from everyone we met, which was nice. We met a bricklayer, who was in a suit! Turns out he was on the way to an interview to teach other bricklayers. He was a little resistant at first but eventually seemed very happy for us to pray for his interview. Then we met a lady we've seen before and she was keen to come to our midweek older folks group.  We were then able to bless a lady on her way to work and she was very smiley!  Then we had a lovely encounter with a woman who had recently moved to the area and had a bad back. She was a Christian and really excited to be prayed for: 'you're like two angels to me this morning'. 


We met a young electrician who was up for prayer and then we went into the local convenience store and chatted to the two guys. We had a word that he had a father heart and he said his wife was going to have a baby and we were able to pray for the baby's birth. 

Then we went to a bus stop and approached a few people who weren't up for prayer but wanted to chat. We prayed for a lady who had a bad heal in the park. She didn't seem to have any release from pain in the moment but was blessed.


We prayed for a lady in the park. We did a run/walk after them! She was off to an interview and let us pray for her. I then prayed for an Indian lady who was lovely and was able to pray for her health. The thing that I think I've learned is to inhabit who I am in Christ. This morning I inhabited who God has made me to be and it felt like I was received better, so that was really positive. 


We also did a bit of walk/running after people as well! We saw a number of people and spoke to a big guy with a dog. We had a nice chat with him and really warmed up on our conversation. He asked us to pray that his life was long enough to deal with all the problems he had. We then spoke to another man with a smaller dog who didn't want prayer but it then led to our next conversation who was a really nice young man. We had a good time with him and prayed with him a couple of times. He was really warm and open and wanted prayer for his work and were able to pray for his health as well.