Good, great, fantastic

It was a cold and rainy day but that didn’t dampen our spirits going out to pray for folks in our community.

We had a good, great and then fantastic prayer encounter. It got better as we went on.  We prayed for a lovely lady from Morocco with three sons. She had a real heart for community and for people to know their neighbours and was very warm. She was a Muslim and was really happy for us to pray for her brother who was struggling. And we got a hug at the end, which is always nice!


We met a lawyer for a local firm who wanted prayer as she represents clients with bereavements. She didn’t realise we wanted to pray with her (as is often the case) and after an initial shock was really up for it. Then we met with a lady we’d prayed for before who had faith and wanted prayer for her son. We encouraged her that God pursues us and it was a great encounter. Then there was a chap on a bike who stopped and said. ‘it’s funny you said that, yes please pray but I’m in a rush’. We prayed quickly for him and he seemed really moved.


We first bumped into someone we knew and were able to pray for him and all his requests for the world!  Then we did a super quick prayer of blessing for someone on his way to work and then had some ‘nos’ from some atheists, even though we said we’d still love to pray for them. Then we shared a word with someone and after confirming it didn’t mean anything to him he told us in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want to talk! So we quickly went on our way and prayed for healing for a lady with a stick who had back pain and other health worries. She was very pleased and then finally met a guy in a local business who was really up for us praying for him and his business, so that was a good way to end our time.