"Yeah you can pray for me"

It was wonderful to have another opportunity to go out into our community with the love of Jesus and see who God had lined up for us to meet...


We went out and had a sense we should go out to Plough Road and bumped into a man that one of us had met earlier that day. He had a broken past with lots of pain and regret and we had a really good conversation with him. We were able to pray for him and prayed for healing in his wrists and shared with him about the thief on the cross who in his dying breath put his faith in Jesus.  We had a deep connection with him and he wanted to pray a prayer of giving his life to Jesus, which was amazing. He didn't quite get through all of the prayer as there were some things he wanted to process before he continued, which was totally understandable. It felt a real privilege for us to speak and pray with him. We hope to see him again. 


We had an interesting morning and met a Portuguese family and prayed for them and told them about the love of Jesus. Then we prayed for another Christian straight after and she was also from Portugal! Then there was a guy who was well built and seemed a bit intimidating from afar, but was really open! 'Yeh you can pray for me' he said. 'go on then...!' so we did! Finally, there was a guy up a ladder who came down just as we were walking to him, and lo and behold he was from Portugal! We had a little pray for Portugal afterwards!


We met a Muslim at a bus stop who really wanted prayer for exams she was doing. And then we saw some workmen in a cage thing and one of them thought God must be on his case and wanted us to pray for him. After that we met a guy who was disabled who'd fallen out of bed that morning and had hurt his hip and he let us pray for him to be healed. Then three Muslim removal men came out and were really warm and wanted prayer.