Does prayer cost anything?

A good group of us went out this morning to share seeds of love and hope to our community. Here's a little snapshot...


We met someone who one of us had prayed for on an earlier occasion, and he was really up for prayer. We met a lady who had met nearly all of us who'd been out this morning which was amazing!


We met two ladies in a row with the same name. The first one had had a connection with St Peter's in the past and was very fearful about the area. The second was a quick encounter praying a blessing on a lady.


We had a really interesting encounter with a Muslim lady we already knew from the area. When we offered prayer she asked 'how do you pray' and we shared we would pray in the name of Jesus. We were able to talk about our relationship to God through Jesus. She said every Tuesday she walks past the church door but is too busy to come in. She said she had lots of questions about Christianity and wanted to connect with her again. 

There was a lady we ran across the park to as we thought we knew, but we didn't! But she was really receptive and wanted prayer. She was really enthusiastic about midweek family stuff we do and gave us her number so we could remind her when their on.


I remember significantly a big beared guy we met who initially looked a bit sketchy. He said he thought we were the police! He had a great encounter with God! He was completely open. He said 'im confused, I don't get what you're doing. Will it cost me money?'. he was genuinely surprised we didn't want anything from him.