'I’ve been wanting to come to your church’

A bunch of us went out to bless the community. Here's how it went down...


There was a man we met who just the day before had said he felt prompted by God to go to church for the first time in a long time. He was so excited to meet us just a day after this.

Then we met a young Muslim lady with a gentle spirit and wanted prayer that her ‘life would go well’.


We combed the environment for people and just when we were at the point of despair we ran into a lady with crutches. As soon as we came to her and said where we were from she said ‘o yes, I’ve been wanting to come to your church’.  She let us pray for her leg, she’d fallen 17 steps. She said she couldn’t feel anything at the time but was blessed from the encounter. There was then a workman on his phone trying to find something and we were able to give him some advice on a local shop, which he was happy about. He said his parents in law were Vicars so although he doesn’t believe he’s comfortable with it all and he let us pray for him. Again someone looking unlikely was really up for prayer.


We made some good connections today. We went to a bus stop and asked if anyone had any prayer or had any pain and then there was a self-assigned spokesperson who said ‘we’re all fine’. Then hilariously we started a really great conversation with her as though the first bit didn’t happen! We got to encourage her with how we felt God saw her and it was a great encounter.  There was a gentle guy in leather who was walking really slowly towards us. We offered prayer and he said he was in a rush (a slow rush it seemed) and we said we just needed 5 seconds. He then said ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (really fast)– that’s your time’ and walked off. It was the quickest five seconds we’d ever experienced!