A tale of two halves

We started we 3 'friendly' nos on the estate so we decided to go over the other side of York Road to Halfords. We met a man at the bus stop who wasn't a believer but all his family were and he asked us to pray for his father-in-law who has pancreatic cancer.  He encouraged us that it was a really good thing we were doing despite not believing himself.   Then we bumped into a guy who thought we looked lost (!) he said everything was great in his life but despite being tired and grumpy he let us pray a blessing on him.  Then we stopped 2 guys who worked for range rover, despite their initial surprise they let us pray for them in the middle of the road!

We had 8 rejections! But it was kind of fun and they were all nice!  The people who did say yes came really easily.  The responses were really unusual "Can we pray for you? No, but I'll come to church on Sunday!"  Another guy asked us to pray for the addicts in his building and we prayed for a guy who'd lived here since the war who was lovely and will hopefully come to Living Life! 

We went up to the station and had a number of people who weren't interested or too busy. We prayed for a lady who was really open to prayer and then spoke to a Hungarian man who was really engaged and wanted to know all about prayer "where did you learn this"?! Prayed for his bad back and the lung cancer he 'might' get from smoking! But he also allowed us to pray that Jesus would reveal himself to him. We also prayed for a lady who was on crutches and open to prayer but not able to test it.