'She wanted to go to a church and get prayer'

We headed out on Wednesday morning once again to share the love of Jesus and here's some stories...


We prayed for lady heading back home to the north of the country. We then prayed for a couple of other ladies before meeting a road surveyor. We got chatting about his dreams we had a word of knowledge about his work which really blessed him. He really opened up and it was a beautiful time.


There was a guy who we approached who was quite rude to us so we headed on our way! We spoke to a number of people and blessed a man's baby.  We spoke to a chef who was picking up leaves who was up for prayer, but didn't realise we meant there and then so headed off before we got chance to pray with him then.


The first lady we approached was in a wheelchair and with a friend. She was so up for prayer and said that sometimes she can walk on crutches and Jesus had done so much for her already. She said that moment she had literally been saying that she wanted to go to a church and get prayer!  She started crying as we prayed and they were really touched. We prayed for another lady who didn't speak much English who asked us to pray for her friends - she offered us their phone numbers! we said let's pray for them together and she was up for that.