Encouraging Christians

We hit the streets again to pray for those we met. Here's how it went.


We went to the park and met a lady who knew someone from the church. She was very receptive and wanted prayer for a new job. We met a Syrian Christian who was on his way to work. We were able to pray for his family and country, and even though he was in a rush wanted more prayer and was clearly moved. Even the offer of prayer moved him.

We met another lady in a rush on the way to work but had a sick relative and so we were able to pray for her. Our next encounter was with a Christian lady who some of us had prayed for a few weeks ago - we prayed for healing in her shins. 

A man who had come to work on the estate was loitering and he wanted prayer as he had cancer. He said he was a Christian but the doctors said there's was nothing more than he could do. So we're hoping for his healing.


We also met a Christian lady who wanted prayer. And then bumped into a student coming out of the student blocks. We were able to pray for one of the professional team for the new church building which was amazing to have that opportunity which isn't always possible in the formal meetings. 

A lady who looked really weighed down initially was up for prayer and really came alive after we had.

Then we bumped into an older gentleman who had a big injury on his arm and was really open to us praying for healing.

At the station we met a man who initially seemed closed but had grown up in a Catholic faith. We were able to share some encouragement with him and a bit of our story of experiencing new life and love from coming to know about Jesus.


We also met a Christian man and was delighted we were out praying and were able to bless him. We met a lady who was totally up for us praying for her mother who had cancer.

After a few no’s we bumped into a lady walking her dog, and she knew St Peter’s as she used to get sandwiches there when she was homeless. She was struggling in many ways and was very insightful as to her challenges – she was really up for prayer. It was a beautiful and honest encounter.  


Amazingly, we also met a lot of Christians who wanted prayer but also really encouraged Christians were out praying for others.

We had a few encounters with people who we prayed and had specific ‘words of knowledge’ about their passions or how God sees them and every one was able to say it connected with them.

Before we went out to pray we had a sense that we’d meet a mum with a child who was not doing well, perhaps ill or not sleeping and God wanted to touch them. We met a lady in the park who some of us had met in previous months. Her three year old wasn’t sleeping through the night and was really open for us praying for her.

There was a large group of people in York Gardens in a circle so we went to find out what they were doing – and they were engineers looking at the sewers. We offered them prayer but they had a lot to get on with so said no!