Prayer for a wife!

This morning we went out for Street Seed in two small groups. We went to bless people in the area and offer prayer to those who want it. 
We went to York gardens and met a woman we’ve seen before and after offering to pray she asked for prayer for her husband, so we prayed a blessing over him and prayed for her day. Later we met a nice lady who was quite busy with children as her husband was away but she asked if we could pray for her as she was going about her day so we did that after she left. We then met an older lady who was on her way to her church for their mid week communion service. She has bad arthritis in her leg so we prayed for that and a general blessing over her. She was very touched that we stopped and prayed for her and it was a lovely gentle morning.
We went to the new church building site. We prayed for a man who we had also prayed for the week before and prayed for his family back in the Ukraine and for a wife, he was quite touched and amused! We then met two brothers, who are carpenters and doing all our wood work in the church. We managed to thank them for all their work and explained who we were and that it was our church they were working on. They hoped we like it as they said they have tried their best and they were very touched that we had come to say thank you and offer prayers. They have a faith from their Catholic upbringings and so we prayed for them each in turn, for them to experience the Holy Spirit and for their wives and sons back home which they received gratefully. Finally we prayed for two more men, who didn’t speak much English. There was a wonderful moment where they lowered themselves down to the platform we were on, from their lift, and there was a translating congress as phones, google translate came out and we called over the previous man to translate the meaning of their names. We prayed over them and again managed to say thank you for all their hard work. 
On our way back to the church we ran into a couple who have come to the church previously and their friend. They are going through a trickier time, so we managed to pray for them, for God to touch them and their work and family. They talked baptisms of their children and exciting coming church events. It was great to see them again and get to talk to them.