"Don't keep God waiting, hurry up!"

This mornings StreetSeed we decided to go to local businesses and offer prayer to them.
We went to a nearby cafe and we asked if we could pray for the business and he said they didn’t have a prayer space here but you can sit on the table over there! So we asked if there was any way we would pray for him, not sure he quite understood us so we spoke blessings over him, sat at the table and prayed for the cafe. We continued on, and bumped into a man who declined an offer of prayer. We then walked down plantation wharf. Decided to go into one of the businesses and the guy was talking on the phone, whilst we were waiting in the doorway, the guy on the phone got up and opened the door for us to go! So we sort of felt like we had been kicked out! So we said a prayer and continued walking. We went into another business, and we said we wanted to pray for good vibes for this place. He offered us a tour and showed us round the whole place! So we were able to pray for that place and the people that work there and use the spaces.
(Later a couple of staff went for lunch at the café. The man behind the counter was the same from the morning and he said your friends are welcome to come back and pray any time it’s been so busy! – Praise God!) 
We went into a local shop and chatted to the man working there, he received us really well, talking about different faiths and believing in God. We were able to pray for him, with a hand on his heart and ask that Jesus reveal himself to him. He didn’t seemed the bit concerned that a customer walked in whilst we were praying! 
We went into another place where we spoke to the owner who said that business was going great so didn’t need prayer. We offered to pray just a blessing which he said yes to and so we said a prayer for thanks that things were going well and prayed that God would exceed expectations with business. Him and his employee seemed slightly surprised and were thankful. 
We then went to the next shop and it was empty but the guy was on the phone so we lingered around the Quinoa crisps. As we were almost on our way out he paused his conversation and asked if he could help us. When we explained we were from the church and were offering prayer he hung up on his phone conversation! We had a good conversation about the church and past connections between us and prayed for favour, protection and blessing on them. It was kind of conversational blessings but he was touched – this all happened whilst a customer was also buying a kinder bueno! 
We went on the building site and we prayed for the guys doing the windows. Then when we went inside, found more glazers and started praying for them, one was coming all the way down from his perch on the scaffolding. As he came down from the scaffolding his friend shouted, ‘Don’t keep God waiting, hurry up!’ We then met some more guys working and talked to them about the meaning of their names and prayed for them, another couple of brothers, and we ended up standing in a circle underneath the scaffolding praying for the men. We met another man who was dealing with stress and difficulties and were able to pray for healing for him and for restoration for grief that he has taken. We were able to bless and thank another worker with his work and he seemed very touched. We then ran into another man on our way out who believes in Jesus and were able to pray for him too. One guy we were able to talk to and he was up for a chat but we could feel his resistance and didn’t want to receive prayer. Overall we managed to pray for many of the guys working on the site, many of whom believe in Jesus and a few quite emotional with the prayers. It was very touching and such a blessings to pray for and bless these guys.