Living on a prayer

Another Wednesday, another week out on the streets. Ten of us headed out to bless and pray for folks we bumped into in our community. Here's how it went:


We saw a young man walking with difficulty and he said that some days he can't even get out of bed and today was a good day. He wanted prayer - he wasn't able to try it out but said he would know the next day so we asked him to let us know if there was any improvement. We met a Muslim woman and let her know that we loved her and honoured her, and she really glowed afterwards.

We spoke to a lady who knew some other people from St Peter’s who initially didn’t want prayer but then later she really opened up and we were able to pray for her.  It felt like her connection with other Christians had paved the way.

We saw a lady in York Gardens with a large dog and who wanted prayer for her finances.  It ended up being quite chaotic with her dog and my buggy collapsing (and she was actually on the phone to someone else but was happy to leave them on hold!) but that didn’t seem to deter things and we had a sense she was very frightened about something and she said she was and we prayed that Jesus would take command of her fear like she took command of her dog.


There was a man who wanted to pray but was in a bit of a rush, but we convinced him to stay for a moment!  We went through the square which was really quiet, and got to pray for one of the teachers from the local school and was really receptive for prayer for teaching and his family.  There was a man we kept bumping into and we told him God loves him. He had a lot of brokenness and hurt in his life, as well as lots of need. He didn’t want prayer but a seed was sown.

There was an Eastern European guy who was really happy to chat and had had a lot of bereavement in his life in the past year. He let us pray for him and we had a sense he felt burdened and he seemed quite touched.


We offered prayer for lots of people, who nearly all said yes this week. One of the council caretakers we know was blessed and we then got to pray for two Muslim women who let us pray for their children. We then offered prayer to a lady who was a Christian who had high blood pressure so she let us pray for her to be healed, and straight after that we met someone with a 'crumpled back' who was in a lot of pain and she let us pray for her and her family.