A bumper time

There was a bumper 13 of us (including 2 under 3s) heading out to pray this morning which felt really exciting. Here's some stories:


We approached a lady who looked tearful and really up for prayer. She was in a challenging job and was tired out. We were able to encourage her and pray for her.

The next lady was a Christian and really up for prayer around her knee where she had pain. She said she really sensed a powerful feeling that she couldn't describe. She said that her pain went down from an 8 after we prayed to a 4, and then went to a 1, so it was incredible!


We met a lady who was a Christian who was really receptive to prayer after losing her mum two months ago. Unfortunately, our Spanish wasn't up to the next encounter so we wished her well and headed onto offer prayer for one of the local caretakers who didn't want prayer that moment but asked us to pray later. We were also able to pray for a lady's work which was a nice encounter.

We had chance to pray for a local business, and we also had an encounter that our Spanish wasn't up to! A man from the council said he didn't live locally so didn't need prayer (which we didn't have chance to let him know didn't disqualify him!).  We made a great connection with someone from another local church who was with a local foodbank customer which was really great. 


One man didn't want prayer but said us just asking was enough for him. We met a chap in the park who initially didn't want prayer but once we'd been talking for a bit he said he did want prayer for a struggle he's in. On the way back we met someone who was struggling financially. He asked for a specific amount of money and that's exactly what we had so we were able to help him and prayed for him.


We headed up towards the station and were able to pray for a lady with cist on her ovaries. We asked a lot of people on the way and number of folks didn't want to stop but we were able pray for a local business under the arches. 

We approached another guy and one of us had a sense that he had shoulder pain so asked him if he did. He said he didn't but after we explained that we were praying for people he said he did have knee pain and let us pray for that. So even if we share something that doesn't connect with them God can still use it! There was no immediate improvement from what we could tell but he was very open and headed on his way.