Cheesy Gnocchi

A cross between pasta and potatoes, these Italian dumplings are fun and messy to make. Delicious with pesto or your favourite pasta sauce. It was a one-hit wonder at Little Chefs who are still scraping the dough off the chairs!

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 8 large baked potatoes, cut in half

  • 2 free range eggs

  • 300g plain flour

  • 4 tbsp finely grated cheese (a mix of parmesan and cheddar)


  • Bake the potatoes for 1.5 hours and leave to cool before handling

To serve

  • Fresh pesto

  • Cucumber batons

  • Cherry tomatoes


  1. Scoop out the flesh of the potatoes into the bowl

  2. Mash the potato with a fork until it is smooth

  3. Crack the eggs into a small bowl and whisk with a fork

  4. Put the egg into the potato mixture. Add the flour, grated cheese, then mix together until you have a smooth dough. If it’s too sticky, add more flour. It should feel a bit like play dough.

  5. Divide the dough into 4 balls and on a lightly floured surface roll the dough into long sausages.  Next cut with a knife this into 2cm pieces.

  6. Press each gnocchi with a fork to make a ridged pattern (this helps them to cook and also helps the sauce stick to them).

  7. Bring a large pan of water to the boil with a pinch of salt. Cook about 10 gnocchi at a time, gently lowering them into the water with a sieve or slotted spoon for about 30 second. When it is ready the gnocchi will rise to the surface of the water..

  8. Remove the gnocchi and put into a warmed bowl. To serve, stir in fresh pesto or other pasta sauce. Serve with cucumber and cherry tomatoes.