"A book is a gift you can open again and again"

If you're needing some ideas for Christmas presents this year, we've collected some recommendations from members of the St Peter's family of books for kids:

Baby Moses.jpg

These little individual Bible stories have been a real hit in our house. The books are pretty indestructible, small size for tiny hands getting used to reading on their own and have lovely photo illustrations. I was impressed with how close the text was to the scripture and how quickly we learnt them off by heart! We particularly like 'Baby Moses' and 'The Loving Father'. 

Kaf Smith

I was struggling to find books that told Bible stories in an engaging way that Nate could actually relate to.  He loves the stories in this and likes to ‘read them’ to us occasionally.  I also find myself being challenged by the parables through this book too. 

Helen Taylor

stories jesus told.jpg

veggie tales.jpg

With all of the consumerism and confusion over the Christmas story, this book wonderfully tells of St Nicholas (the original Santa Clause) and reminds us that Christmas time is founded upon love, generosity and reaching out to those in need. A must for 2-5s.

David Atkinson

This book tells the story of Jesus healing the official’s son (John 4:46-54) in a fun and vibrant way. Libby says, "The father went in search of Jesus -he sometimes walked, he sometimes ran…the best bit is when Jesus said ‘Your son will live!’. I love the way it sets the scene in an exciting way and I like the pictures." Daisy’s favourite part is when the father returns home and his friends rush to him saying ‘your son is ALIVE!’. This is a wonderful picture book telling a powerful parable of Jesus’ healing and love. It would make a lovely gift any time of the year.

Charlie Davies

one o clock miracle.jpg

diary of a disciple.jpg

I would def recommend this book.  Think ‘Gospel story’ meets the very popular ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ style and illustrations and you have ‘Diary of a Disciple’. This very accessible and fun read through Luke’s gospel is great for children aged 7+ and this year they have just brought out Peter and Paul’s journey through Acts to add to the collection. Excellent! Would make a brilliant Christmas gift!

Charlotte Bruce