Learning to lead

On Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October a group from St Peter's attended the Global Leadership Summit at St Mark's Battersea Rise. We caught up with Emma St John and Alba Lazaj to find out what they thought about the Summit.

What can I say about the Global Leadership Summit? It was amazing and I felt like I gained so much from it, both within my personal circumstances as well as putting practices into my workplace. It made me realise how much I am a leader within my family, and it also made me think that with a little bit of self-belief and God’s help that I could actually be a leader in a community as well.

I gained something from all the talks. Between GLS on the Friday and the service at church on Sunday morning I really had a weekend where I felt forgiven. When I woke up on Monday morning I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There was a real link between the two that somehow opened my eyes – I felt like a new woman and felt closer to God!


I really enjoyed GLS – I was very inspired by the speakers. One speaker in particular, Sam Adeyemi, was so full of vision in the way he spoke. He said that vision was the ability to see people and things and places not just the way they are but the way they could be, which really inspired me. I also learnt that to be a leader you have to love the one you lead, and also that you can’t be defensive as a leader.

Now that I am in a management position it felt like it will help me to work with those around me, and to help me to care about them more – to listen to them and to encourage them to progress. You need to respect everyone for who they are, and encourage them in what they’re doing well. Another speaker said, if you respect the people who work for you, they will do great things for you.