'Come on, let's do it!'

We headed out as usual on Wednesday morning to reach out to local people and offer prayers. There was a trend of people heading to/from medical appointments and prayers for exams.

We first spoke to a young guy in York gardens who had some exams next week he wanted prayer for. We spoke quite a bit about God, he had parents who were Christians but had lots of questions himself and we encouraged him to ask more questions and prayed about that

Then we met a man we know well and were able to pray for him. After a few rejections we approached a man on his way to his dentist appointment and at first didn’t seem that engaged but then asked for prayer for his appointment and journey, that he would get there on time and so we go to pray for him.

We came across an older lady who lives opposite the church and so has seen it go up over the years. When we asked what we could pray for she shared she had lost her daughter a couple of years ago and that she tried to get outside every day and go somewhere so that she is not inside alone. So we prayed for her that she would know God’s love and peace and told her about Living Life ministry.We then met a lady and said a prayer for her family, around a family member who is in the last stages of cancer, she asked for prayer that the girls could process grief well.

We started off and approached a gentleman at the bus stop who new of the church and was happy to speak to us but didn’t want any prayer. So we blessed him on his way to an appointment. We then met a lady who was just on her way back from an appointment and we walked and talked with her. We had a lot of encounters walking and talking with people on their journeys this morning. This lady asked for prayer for her husband who had recently had a leg amputated. So we stopped and prayer for the clinic dealing with her appointments and her husband’s mental health and well being following this operation. She said we had made her day and shared that she was a Catholic and it was a lovely encounter.

We walked towards the station, and after a number of bold moves to people with earphones followed by quick rejections on their way to catch trains, we met a young man who was on his way to revise for some law exams. He was up for prayer, saying, ‘Come on, lets do it’ and held out his hands wide so we took his hands and prayed for concentration, and peace over the exams.

We then met a homeless man who was begging for money with a sign. He was from Roumania and didn’t speak English so through a lot of actions and nodding we had a conversation about his situation and prayed for him. We then went to the local cafe and got him breakfast and a black coffee, remembering we have the blessing of technology and smart phones so used google translate to communicate!