Must be talking to an angel

Another week heading out to bring hope to our local community in prayer:

We had a really great encounter this morning. We went near York Gardens and did a 'light jog' to catch up with her. It turns out the lady had been along to St Peter's a very long time ago. She wanted prayer and then shared about some night terrors she'd had the night before, which she'd not suffered for a very long time. She said she had actually prayed in the night and saying sorry she had been far away from God, so she found it amazing we'd approached her. 'You're like angels' she said. So we prayed for her dreams and she was so thankful. We then stopped a man with a big dog and he asked us to pray for his dog to be smaller!


Another group of us went to the building site to pray for the builders. We were able to pray for the site foreman who wanted prayer for his family.  Then we prayed for a young electrician who said he made his own way in life but believed that the world wasn't created by an accident. We had a little chat with him and he was very open to prayer, so we blessed him and prayed he would have a revelation of Jesus.  We spoke to one guy who we prayed for on site and he said he'd been ill since so didn't seem super keen to be prayed for again! We then prayed for one of the carpenters who had lots of kids. We prayed for his family and shared a prophetic picture with him to encourage him. He had a lovely way about him and received us well.