Deep street conversations

The streets beckoned us once again this morning so we headed out to see what was in store for us. Here's a few highlights:

We went to the park and met a lady who had been to St Peter's for the first time on Sunday. It was great to be able to reconnect with her. She asked us to pray for her work. And we had an amazing conversation about faith, why we believe in Jesus, doubts and and she even shared she had wanted to be a priest as a child! It was so good to chat.  Then we had a few quick pray and chat encounters as we walked round the park. 


First of all we approached a guy who we'd met on the streets and prayed for a while back, but this time he was way more open. He'd just been to the doctors for a chest infection so he let us pray for him. We then said hello to a lady who told us it was her birthday but the first since her twin brother had died so she seemed very pleased to be prayed for. And then after a few very friendly nos, we bumped into a young Eastern European man. He had a bit of a Christian background but was exploring other faiths and practising meditation. He was really open, and asked us why we were out on the streets, when did we first start etc and we tried to reply by talking about God's grace, that we'd seen him at work and we wanted to pray for others because of His love for us. He said he wanted to read the Bible and so we showed him some apps he could download with Russian and English versions, with audio, which he was pleased about. Then we prayed for him that he would have a revelation of who Jesus was. He then prayed for us!  He held our hands and we had a moment of silence together. It was very special.