Content with a Cornish Pasty

So you may have noticed less StreetSeed blog posts recently, well, that is not because we haven’t been going out. Throughout this busy and exciting period and move into the new church building we have continued to go out every Wednesday morning to pray for people in our local area and have had some super encouraging stories.

This morning was no different with two teams heading out, despite the slight drizzle people were not put off.


We met a lovely lady who lived in Sporcle court who was on her way to the GP, although at first she didn’t want prayer in public standing in York gardens, after we got chatting about faith and heard about her ongoing pain she had in her body due to an accident many years ago, she was happy for us to pray for her and was very touched and said it was good we had met her this morning. We felt it was no accident that we met her and got to give her some encouragements and reminders about how God loved her. She even invited us to come visit her and pray in her flat next week.

We then met a very joyful woman with her very friendly dog who remembered meeting another of us a few weeks before who had complimented her eyes. She was very chatty and although she went to another church was happy for us to pray for her arthritis. She was very thankful and it was such an encouraging encounter, it was a bonus to have some good dog therapy at the same time!


We started our walk with meeting lots of people who were very happy and content with their lives! We met one young guy who was friendly and chatty, he was particularly happy because he was from Cornwall and was eating a Cornish pasty! He had heard an announcement in the station this same morning which said that small talk can save someone’s life. So he felt it was weird that we were then talking to him; it was a nice connection even though we didn’t get to pray for him.

We met a lady who was very happy in her life and couldn’t think of anything that she wanted prayer for so we wished her peace for her day. We had a good conversation with a Hindu man who didn’t want prayer but was quite happy to keep talking to us. Then we met a lady who asked for prayer for her car which had broken down and she needed it for the long school run. She seemed happy and thankful to be able to talk to someone about it and freely received our prayer. We finished our walk by heading into AJ’s corner shop and praying for them.