Why do I follow Jesus?

I grew up in the church, it has been a part of my life forever.  I still find I have had to make active choices to follow Jesus though.  I believe God makes the most sense, brings the most freedom and His answers to life are the truth.


Why do I still follow Jesus?

I feel caught by God, that there is a safehold on my heart.  It's not confining, but gives freedom.  Why I stil follow Jesus is less about me and more about His enabling. 

Sometimes my faith is full of questions and doubts and I want the answers to be straightfoward, but I suppose through these things God gifts me faith to continue following Him.  Being a part of a church is a huge reason why I still follow Jesus, it helps to be with people who are going the same direction as you.


Why St Peter’s?

I love St Peter's for its unassuming nature and the low key vibe. People at St Peter's are active in their faith and open to God's transformation.