Charlie D

Why do I follow Jesus?

I chose to follow Jesus because I realised that the World was not enough - I was never completely content, no matter what I had in life. I felt peace when I went to church for the first time.  When I learnt more about who Jesus is, I was compelled to follow Him.  It was the only way I could live with inner peace and contentment. 


Why do I still follow Jesus?

I still follow him because I remember how hard life was without Him and now I know He is real and cannot deny him. I love him - He gives me wisdom, patience, peace, trust, hope: things that my life without Him seriously lacked! I am also encouraged by fellowship with others.


Why St Peter’s?

St Peter’s is near to me so the community is one in which I live. I like the relaxed and informal atmosphere with simple worship, but most importantly the people's authentic faith. I love the diversity of those in the church and their passion for Jesus. I got a very friendly welcome when I first visited and that hasn't changed. I like the vibe which is outward looking - one of the first services I came to was about the persecuted church.