The Filling Station

The Filling Station is an initiative that seeks to equip churches and believers across the country. Using monthly mid-week evening ‘celebration’ meetings held in non-church venues they have seen Christian communities grow in depth & numbers. Each Filling Station offers high quality speakers and teachers, contemporary sung worship and powerful, accessible prayer ministry.

This week Patrick was invited to speak at The Filling Station in Cheshire - here he reports on his experience:

"Amazing time in Cheshire. My friend Kirstie Wainwright, supported by her husband Jody, leads the Filling Station in that area, and they had invited me to speak. There are 85 Filling Stations around the country. The presence of God was palpable; the spirit of prophecy was in deep flow; there were healings; people speaking in tongues for the first time & others receiving prayer for the first time. Such a privilege to be invited and to serve. All signs of things that God wants to do at the new St Peter’s!

"Most of Kirstie & Jody's energy goes into promoting Christian ministry. Their love, and God's love, permeated everything at the Filling Station. They have even put up a huge tent in their garden for ministry and revival meetings. Last weekend they had over one hundred women in this tent receiving prayer and healing, for terrible hurts, including rape & abuse from men. Jody got up to say ‘a sorry’ to any women who had heard ‘a sorry’ from a man... and then the Holy Spirit came in power. It is so exciting to see what God is doing in Cheshire and around the UK through the Filling Station."