Staying Safe

St Peter’s safeguarding training on Tuesday 27th September was a huge success, with 26 of us attending and receiving our course certificates at the end of the night.

We felt really good after some sandwiches from Regenerate’s Feel Good Bakery, and two participants even felt inspired to write a rap on the train home to commemorate the event.*

The training focused on how we show God’s love and care to those around us, particularly children and vulnerable adults. Any of us can be vulnerable at different times in our life and many of the examples used felt relevant. The most important thing we learnt from the training is that the only thing we shouldn’t do if we’re worried about someone’s safety is to do nothing. Look out for a poster appearing soon that will have all the contact details you need if you have any concerns about someone’s welfare, and the policy document ‘A Safe Church’ is always available to read at the centre.

Peter Wolstenholme is our Parish Safeguarding Officer and our first point of call for all safeguarding matters, as our songwriter reminded us in rhyme: ‘The PSO is Peter W, he’s always on hand to speak to you’. Big thanks go to Tosin for organising such a successful evening, and to everyone who came: Jean who trained us said we were one of the best groups she’s ever taught! If you weren’t able to attend then do get in touch with Tosin who can let you know alternative dates when the Diocese is running training – there is already a small group who are looking at arranging to go to one together.

(*Yes, if you hadn’t already guessed, this was Marcus and Annoushka – why not ask them to give you a rendition next time you see them…)

by Kaf Smith