Easter - how it happened

I’ve just moved back to the Winstanley after a bit of time away, so this Easter I was really keen to be around and take part in all the events at St Peter’s. And there were a few!

It all started for me on Maundy Thursday, where I enjoyed some time with God in the beautiful space that was the 24/7 prayer room, before heading to the evening meal that Tosin had organised. Now, as St Peter’s favourite vegan (ok ok – pretty sure I’m St Peter’s only vegan!) the words ‘Lamb BBQ’ were not particularly inviting, but Tosin assured me that, and I quote, ‘even vegans will be catered for’. He was right, with Cara cooking up a storm – and her falafels were so good that a lot of the naughty non-vegans ate them as well. (I have gathered names. I know who you are). It was a wonderful evening as Tosin introduced us to some of the Passover traditions, with wine and even a few role plays – and by the end we were all singing, at Daphne’s request, even if we weren’t quite sure of the tune!

On Good Friday as I approached the centre I met Ali and Tosin who were working out how best to attach a large cross covered in chicken wire to the railings. #OrdinandProblems. I collected a mysterious scroll of paper tied with a length of red wool, which turned out to be the best sort of treasure map, pointing us to prayer stations around the Win and Bible passages to reflect on as we went. It was beautifully thought out by Ali, and it was very powerful to move around the stations and think of Jesus’ journey on that day. Soon the stations were covered in portions of red wool, symbolising Jesus’ sacrifice, and our own prayers full of repentance, thankfulness and hope.

The Sunday celebration was truly a joyful affair! Not only did we sing our hearts out in worship but I had my first ever champagne in a church service! My favourite sentence uttered on the day (and possibly ever) came from Patrick, who declared “Just as the cork bursts forth from the champagne, so too did Jesus burst forth from the grave!” We all trooped outside to place flowers in the wire cross outside, and it was transformed – it too was bursting forth, with colour and life.

A wonderful St Peter’s Easter.

by Clare Lyons