Mission Sunday at St Peter's

This Sunday was Mission Sunday at St Peter's so, after the service, we sent Sarah to catch up with one of the members of St Peter's Mission Sub - Denise Hersey.

Sarah: Hi Dee. Can you tell us a bit about what the Mission Sub at St Peter’s does?

Dee: There are four major charities that St Peter’s gives to (agreed on by the Mission Sub) and four members of the Mission Sub, so we each take responsibility for keeping up-to-date with and praying for one of the charities.

St Peter’s also gives one-off gifts: when members of the church feel that a person or organisation  deserves a donation they come and talk to one of the Mission Sub and we bring it to one of our meetings to decide on if it’s something St Peter’s should donate to.

S: I hear that the Mission Sub was responsible for the service this Sunday. Can you tell me a bit about what happened?

D: Charlie did a great introduction to what the Mission Sub is and then we shared a bit about each charity, including Andy doing a lovely Skype call with Mark and Jess who are doing mission work in Brazil. We also had four prayer stations set up in each corner of the church – one for each mission partner – which we spent time praying at.

S: What was the highlight of the service for you?

D: Definitely the prayer time, as it gave a chance to focus on other things and helped me to realise how much the world needs our prayer.

S: Why do you think it’s important that St Peter’s has a Mission Sub?

D: It’s very important as there are a lot of charities and vulnerable people that need our support, and instead of that responsibility falling on one person it’s great to have a group that can pray and decide together where St Peter’s money should go.

S: Thanks Dee!

You can find out more information about St Peter's Mission partners here, and you can listen to the Mission Sub's talks from Sunday on our Soundcloud page.