At St Peter’s we are passionate for everyone to be involved in the life of the church.
Here are some of those who serve in particular leadership roles.

Staff team

Ian Portch
Operations Manager

Charlie Davies
Families’ Pastor


Helen Taylor
Community Pastor

Joanna Hossain
Worship Pastor

Caroline Obonyo

Raheel Eric
Children’s Pastor

Izzy Archer
Youth & Outreach

To contact a member of staff directly email their first name

Community Group leaders

Community Group leaders oversee the midweek groups. For more information on CGs see what's on.

The Parish Church Council

Here are the elected representatives for this year's church council.

PCC Sub Groups

PCC 'Subs' are sub groups of the PCC with a focus on particular areas of the church's ministry and mission.


PCC Exec 

Supporting the vicar in directing the church's vision and priorities, operational decision making
and agenda setting for the PCC. 

Finance Sub

Responsible for setting the church's financial strategy and ensuring the Church's mission is resourced, while advocating a culture of good stewardship, generosity and accountability. For more on finances go here.

Building Sub

Responsible for the development of key design (function & form) elements of the new building project.
For more information on the new building go here

Mission Partners Sub

Responsible for advocating & praying for the church's mission partners and to be the bridge between the organisations and church family. For more information on mission partners go here.

Staff Welfare Sub

Offering support & accountability for staff team through prayer and advocating for healthy working practices.

Safeguarding Sub

Responsible for ensuring good safeguarding processes are in place. Advise staff and church family in the handling of safeguarding situations. For more information on safeguarding go here.